Hold Nigerian Elites Responsible for Incessant Crisis – Emir of Zazzau

Th‎e Emir of Zaria, his royal highness, Alhaji Dr Shehu Idris has said that the incessant killings around our communities in Nigeria cannot be devoid of been fueled by the elites, a group of people who stand to gain from its occurrence.

He made this assertion during an international conference on love and tolerance organised by UFUK DIALOGUE at the hotel seventeen in Kaduna, with the theme: “extremism through peace, Education and love”.

The program is a one-day sensitization exercise is aimed at preaching peaceful co-existence among the people of diverse.

The emir who was ably represented by Sanni Yusuf Magaji at the occasion opined that the phenomenon of violent extremism has become one of the crucial problems afflicting human society and robbing humanity of lives, property, peace and stability.

“One may have attained a professional level of academic qualification without actually having the psyche of an average elementary school leaver of the late 1960s. We may overlook the level of involvement in the devilish act by our so called elites for the mere fact that they do not have a firsthand experience of what the horrors of war is all about.

‘Incredibly, ironically and paradoxically today in the 21st century, be it in Taraba, Bauchi, plateau or Kaduna state, high level of distrust, apprehension, hatred and wickedness of human beings against fellow humans are hatched and incubated by no one indeed but by our so called educated elite.

” I must confess of an existence of disconnect between education as it should be and education as it is been misused by some of us that attained a certain level of academic qualifications or positions of responsibilities in the society.” The royal father said.

The emir further stressed that whenever Nigerians come across the sad decision of society along ethnoreligious lines whether leading to adverse violence expressed in any other negative manner, it simply symbolises the failure of the so-called educated elites in the discharge of their role towards their society.

He added that one may soberly rest his case by concluding that religion has little to do with the conflicts ravaging some part of the north.

“On the contrary, ethnicity cum tribalism could be the sources of these mishaps. Poverty too is another source of conflict.

“It is a given reality that this country cannot be divided into religious or ethnic leverages and it is just going to be a wishful thinking and a sad venture just as experienced in Sudan with southern Sudan as an example.” he concluded.

In his remarks, Rev. Reuben Ishaya Chuga, while presenting a paper at the event said that the upbringing of every child in any given society is paramount to the growth of such society.

“My target is the children not because they are masters of tomorrow, but the minds of today.

“I have used most of my lifetime to teach and I have known the contribution of children to the growth of every society”. The cleric said.‎


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