Video: ISIS claims to have murdered Russian ‘spy’ in beheading video threaten Putin

ISIS has released a new video purporting to show a Russian jihadist executing a fellow countryman accused of being a spy.

The video, which was released through the terror-organisation’s media channel, showed the victim wearing an orange jumpsuit.

Speaking in Russian, the prisoner allegedly confesses to working on behalf of the Russian intelligence service to gather information on ISIS and jihadis from the Caucasus area.

The murder was carried out by a Russian-speaking terrorist  who addressed Vladimir Putin directly and threatened Moscow with attacks.

The video was titled ‘You Shall be Disappointed and Humiliated O Russians‘.

The eight-minute long video shows the victim making his confession in a blacked-out room.

The victim’s confession lasts almost six minutes.


36 thoughts on “Video: ISIS claims to have murdered Russian ‘spy’ in beheading video threaten Putin

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