Road Accident: Ilorin/Kabba Indigenes Lament State Of Highway One Year After FG Awarded contract


Indigenes of Ilorin and Kabba residing in Kaduna have lamented the bad state of the Highway linking Ilorin, the Capital of Kwara State and Kabba in Kogi State one year after the Federal Government awarded a 21Billion naira contract for repair works on the Road that has become a death trap for travellers plying the Highway.
According to Salahu Kayode who led a delegation of Kwara and Kabba Indigenes in addressing newsmen in Kaduna said the over 200km Highway linking the two states had been abandoned by the Federal Government which claimed to have awarded contracts for its repairs for over one year.
” Large portions of the Highway are in a worst deteriorating state that makes smooth ride between Kwara and Kogi through the Kabba axis a nightmare.
” This has negative impacts on socio-economic activities of these areas because motorists are avoiding plying this route. And when they do, they charge excessively which affects the prices of goods and services consumed in these affected areas.
” The worst of it is the loss of precious lives on these  Highways . Many travellers have also sustained life threatening injuries as a result of accidents on this bad road that is notorious for avoidable mishaps.
“It is very unfortunate this sad development is taking place in this Administration which claims to be Progressives in nature.” Mr Kayode said.
He said it was a big nightmare travelling home particularly during festive periods for Indigenes of these two states via Kabba and Ilorin axis.
Mr Kayode urged the Federal Government and the Minister of Works , Power and Housing whose responsibility it is to as a matter of exigency mobilize all needed human and material resources to commence work on this important Highway linking Kwara and Kogi with the western and northern parts of Nigeria.


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